(Word) Pressing the site!

Over the years I have tried various software to manage the content on my personal home page. From hand edited HTML, to a bunch of my own PHP scripts, to some *nuke software, and finally to Drupal.

So why did I finally shift over to WordPress?

The answer is simple - if all you would really be doing on your site is blog … get a blogging software.

The blog module of Drupal is good, but:

  1. You dont need all that comes along with it - stories, books, modules, block, etc.

  2. It doesnt have all the latest blog “features” like trackback and pingback.

  3. Common logic - with a smaller feature-set, it is easier for software to remain stable. No longer feature-bloat.

  4. No longer updating the site software every 2 months, and more doing what you actually want - blog.

On top of that, WordPress is a highly featured packed piece of software - with multi-levelled user management, support for plugins, etc. The UI is also templateable (even though I still have to go around to customizing it here).

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