DNS resolver changes in Ubuntu Precise (12.04)

One of the first things that irked me after my Precise installation was how DNS suddenly seemed slow. I normally use dnscache for local DNS caching and while setting it up this time, I noticed that oddly, was already setup as my name server. Netstat told me that this was handled by DNSMasq for some reason. No worries, I thought, and I setup dnscache on instead. I added the IP to the prepend nameserver option in /etc/dhcp/dhclient.

Quick local DNS caching for your workstation in Ubuntu

The latest Ubuntu releases makes it real easy to set up a local DNS cache for your workstation using dnscache from the well-known djbdns software by D. J. Bernstein. For those who have historically installed djbdns/ucspi-tcp/daemontools from source because of distribution restrictions, things changed really for the better after DJB placed all these software in the public domain in 2007. You can now setup all this in about one minute! (depending on your Internet connection though.

Akamai awesomeness and Opendns lameness

Akamai footprint awesomeness. My IP address. sandipb@pluto:~$ wget -O - -q http://www.whatismyip.com/automation/n09230945.asp;echo sandipb@pluto:~$ host domain name pointer ABTS-KK-Dynamic- Akamai CDN for downloading Adobe AIR. sandipb@pluto:~$ host airdownload.adobe.com airdownload.adobe.com is an alias for airdownload.wip3.adobe.com. airdownload.wip3.adobe.com is an alias for airdownload.adobe.com.edgesuite.net. airdownload.adobe.com.edgesuite.net is an alias for a1396.g.akamai.net. a1396.g.akamai.net has address a1396.g.akamai.net has address sandipb@pluto:~$ host domain name pointer dsl-KK-static- I am downloading from a server co-located at my ISP.