Moving on to Sify (not)broadband

Inspite of my contempt for their loathsome Internet fleecing plans, I had to reluctantly sign up for a Sify cable internet plan today. Cost me a neat pile for installation and pre-payment for one month. The most painful part of this transition is going back to a NAT-ted private IP. This means no more gnomemeeting, no more yahoo voice/video chat, no more Bittorrent, no more gnutella/fasttrack/openft and other P2P networks, no more logging into my home machine when stranded outside my home office to retrieve a document I left at home. (sob) :(

The plan was too irresistable. Just introduced a couple of days back, the plan is 128kbps with a daily download cap of 150MB - all for Rs. 995.

I was also getting terminally sick from the awful Hotwire cable Internet service, whose downtime was causing me permanent heart burn.

I clarified beforehand that Sify has a Linux login client. The sales person also promised that they dont block any outgoing port but I would take that claim with a pinch of salt.

Parents Anniversary Yesterday I am a victim of the Sify Broadband scam in Delhi