Delicious tags

Have come back online somewhat after the motherboard of my workstation got fried. It is still in repairs, and I am having to use a spare box that I had loaned to a friend sometime back. I just had to fit the motherboard from the other box with my present hard disks.

Seeing an existing Linux installation adapt to a completely different system, with hardly any problems gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling, coz’ I know the kind of problems that can happen if you do this with, say … Windows XP? ;) Your machine will lockup and you will have to ask for Microsoft’s permission to work in a different machine with the existing installation.

Ofcourse you will also have to go through the hell of drivers that comes with a major hardware upgrade.

Anyway, during the past week, where I resigned myself to using the family Windows XP computer till I got my present box back, I got a new obsession - Who knew bookmarking can be so much fun?

My bookmarks are at I use the experimental post bookmark mentioned at to bookmark new links. And I have created a live bookmark to keep a track of the most popular links listed here.

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