Evaluating Posterous #review #webapp

I am trying out this post aggregator called Posterous. It allows you to use email for posting to many other sites where you post content, like Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It has a neat idea of specific email addresses like for posting to facebook and likewise for others. You can even combine destinations, like For links to images, it inserts the image for you (I think), for videos, it embeds the video player in your posts(they say).

Check out Blinklist for your social bookmarks

Ever since the host of problems at this past week, which left me stranded without my bookmarks, I have been looking out for other social bookmarking services. I checked out both Simpy and Blinklist. Simpy has a clean, delicious kinda (actually better) look and seemed nicer at first. But then I saw their URLs for tags and people, and hated it. Yes, they probably have it in their todos, but I want a delicious replacement today.