Restart/Shutdown your Linux machine using dbus

Ok. This is fairly trivial stuff for many of you, but what I found interesting is that the SystemBus lets you shutdown/restart/suspend/hibernate as an ordinary user. Of course, if you think of a desktop, that is a pretty basic expectation of what an ordinary end-user should be able to do. But when I think about a server, the thought that people can bypass a sudo while doing a shutdown makes me uneasy.

Catching up with Python

Am trying to catch up with Python where I left off years ago. What have they done to the language when I was gone? It is no longer the simple language as before. The decorator syntax looks so .. well, Perlish. List comprehensions, in some ways very inappropriately named, took a few moments to sink in. It is great that it is concise, but then .. so was Perl! Look where it got “them” - Concise Perl programs looks not too different from a binary file open in a text editor.

Interesting wxpython case study

I have been busy in the last few days migrating my mind from web based apps to native apps. Currently, I am reading about wxpython as a possible answer. Here is an interesting post on the wxpython mailing list on how to use python + wxPython + Twisted + zope + XSLT. Also some discussion on the problems on using wxpython and twisted together because of threading conflicts.