Atheists are not the skeptics they think they are

A very interesting critique on atheism and the methods used by atheists to explain their position. The author Edward Tingley, a philosophy professor, bases most of his arguments against the material written by Blaise Pascal on applying the scientific mind to discover the existence of God. The professor goes on to demonstrate how, in his opinion, it is hypocritical for atheists who profess a scientific approach to disregard the very fundamentals of the scientific temper that they are supposed to defend.

In the end, we are all forgotten

Nice, thought provoking “Pearls before swine” strip today ;) : Rat says: In the end, we are all forgotten … hence we might as well spend our lives sitting in front of TV, drinking beer and eating nachos. Case in point … Even if you were the greatest poet or artist or achitect or king in the entire eighth century B.C., a guy as smart as my friend goat, living in the 21st century, doesn’t even know your name!