Parents Anniversary Yesterday

It was my parents anniversary yesterday. We had cake and flowers and candles. Uploaded pics for the day to my Flickr account. The pictures are collected into a set here. I am loving Flickr. Having a hosted services for storing my photos is the best thing that has happened for a while. No more running to upgrade the gallery software whenever a patch is out. Flickr allows me to store the high resolution photos itself, something that can easily cause your own web site to get out of hand in a short while.

Ubuntu CDs cause Custom Troubles for Indian Linux enthusiast

Ubuntu Linux is a Linux distribution which Ubuntu promoters ship to enthusiasts all over the globe. The distribution was featured recently in a daily at Mysore. Excited by the article, Satish places an order for Ubuntu CDs at the Ubuntu shipit webpage. The CDs arrive promptly, and so does a show cause notice from the Indian customs department asking Satish to provide “Importer Code Number, Invoice, Purchase Order, Order Confirmation and Technical write-up” failing which he would be fined and/or have the goods confiscated.

My photos from Linux Asia 2004

Yes, it is over an year old now. I never posted them publicly because, frankly, I felt others had better cameras and better photos from the event. But rather than having them languish in some forgotten corner of my computer, I am uploading them to my Flickr account. So here is: Linux Asia 2004 - a photoset on Flickr

Hula Server - The New OSS Groupware Server in Town

Novell “open sources” its Netmail product to start off Hula Server - a new calendar and mail server available under both LGPL and MPL. Interestingly, the licence is the more permissive LGPL and not GPL. Perhaps, this is so that the result of the community work can be integrated into proprietary solutions like Novell’s own enterprise offerings. The screenshots look real pretty. I dont see any mention of Evolution in any of the initial pages.

Blog updated to Wordpress 1.5

Updated my blog to Wordpress 1.5. The new release has lots more than the last version. Currently it is running the default Kubrick theme, which I don’t find too bad. Not too many new templates available right now for this version of WP, so I will wait till I decide to change the theme later. One feature I like is the new anti-spam features. There is an option to prevent open-proxies from posting.

My Linux CD Copy Policy

From today, I have decided that anybody who wants a copy of any Linux distros from me, has to buy them from me. In other words, I am withdrawing the option of giving me blank CDs in exchange for copies that I burn using my CDs. The cost per CD is Rs. 20. So an FC3 copy (4 CDs) will cost Rs. 80. I am also offering an FC3 update CD with updates that I have downloaded from four major FC3 repositories.

Half of all U.S. bankruptcies are caused by medical bills

Half of all U.S. bankruptcies are caused by soaring medical bills and most people sent into debt by illness are middle-class workers with health insurance. Health is going to be a major issue in India in 2005. My previous post in this topic talks about what Brazil did out of desperation to get out the trap in which India just went into. Yes, I am against product patents in medicine (apart from software patents, of course).

Delicious tags

Have come back online somewhat after the motherboard of my workstation got fried. It is still in repairs, and I am having to use a spare box that I had loaned to a friend sometime back. I just had to fit the motherboard from the other box with my present hard disks. Seeing an existing Linux installation adapt to a completely different system, with hardly any problems gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling, coz' I know the kind of problems that can happen if you do this with, say … Windows XP?

Rediff Hosting doesn’t allow changing DNS servers

Madhu Menon writes in at India-GII: “I’ve always been skeptical of Rediff’s technical chops (they still have a bug in their email system that I mailed them about 2-3 times many years ago) so this comes as no surprise: My friend Srini from Chennai, who runs a logistics firm, booked a domain name along with some web space on Rediff. Now, my friend wanted to host his site elsewhere.

How tall are you?

How tall are you, compared to dozens of Hollywood celebrities? This site lets you enter your height and then check how you compare to Brad Pitt, Brooke Shields and scores of others. (Via BB)