Troubles With Hugo as Well


I have been using Hugo as a static website generator for a while. I love the speed, coming from its Go origins. I love a static website generator for the peace-of-mind it gives me (No did I forget to update my XXX blog software after that bug came out? ).

But of course, it is not all peachy.

First of all, it still requires me to keep my theme in sync with the theme author, just in case he has fixed some bugs that you saw. Theme management is best done in Hugo using git submodules which is its own bundle of fun. And if you made some changes to the theme of your own, keeping your changes merged well with the upstream theme author is just the cherry on the top.

Now I just need to figure out where this error is coming from :-/

  ERROR 2017/11/05 01:49:56 Page's Now is deprecated and will be removed in Hugo 0.31. Use now (the template func).

Update: Ok, my comment above was a bit uninformed. The right way to make modifications to a theme in Hugo is not to edit the theme code itself, but to override it. I just switched my theme to Blackburn and this time I took care in ensuring that the stuff I wanted modified are made in a way it is overridden.

So for CSS styles, like the blockquotes in this blog, were overriden using a custom local CSS file. The theme actually has a rarely provided config to specify the css file name used to override the theme styles. This made it pretty easy

In case a theme doesn’t provide that, I would have needed to copy the partial template corresponding to the html head to the local site file hierarchy, and edit that. The docs explain this pretty well.

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