Blog merge

There was a time when I used to blog frequently. After the age of twitter, it reduced. But rather than keeping on writing, I focused on an issue which was a lower priority - splitting up blogs so that the topics do not collide. That was in 2008, today it is 2012. I have posted only about two dozen entries in over 3 years.

Do you know how many blogs I have ended up maintaining? Five! That is madness, and it needs to stop.

The idea earlier was to not put off people who are going to be at best irritated if not offended by my other interests and world views.

I think that ship has sailed. Far lesser people read my blog than my Facebook and Twitter posts, and by now people know what kind of person I am. 😄

So, one of my 2012 resolutions is to forget what I feel about people reading this blog :-P. No seriously, it is to use this blog itself for all my ramblings - tech, politics, food, whatever. So if you are one of those rare persons who follow my blog, be prepared to unsubscribe. 😄

If you want to just get my tech posts, use this feed instead -

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