My GPG Key has changed

Very embarrassingly, after a spate of reinstalls, crashes, backup of wrong copies and my policy of destroying old backups in the house, I discovered that I have lost the secret keys of my GPG keypair(I had not used them for a while). The revocation certificate, printed on a scrap of paper, was lost during my relocation to Bangalore.I was always procrastinating its re-generation, and I seem to have paid for this now.

So, for all you folks who had signed my key ID 0xA1290FF3, that key is lost. Of course, the fact that it is lost can only be confirmed when I meet each of your personally and tell you. As much is possible, I will meet up and do that.

I wonder if there is a way for people to remove their signature from somebody else’s public key. If it is, after you have met me, do download the old key, remove your signature and upload it again. The only hope I have is if all the other signatures are removed from that key so it doesn’t appear significant to people when they are searching for my keys on popular key servers.

My new PGP key is 0x9EF1A1E1.

UPDATE: Thanks to wahjava for reminding me. I have abandoned the domain, so my ID on the GPG key was for legacy reasons. I have updated my GPG key with the new set of IDS that I use now. Please download my key again to refresh.

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