Forwarding jokes, are you?

Stop! I get too many forwarded jokes on my mail/cell already.

And then there are those valiant souls who take upon them the moral responsibility of their entire generation by laboriously collecting snippets on a daily basis from all their “sources”, taking care day after day that their “friends” don’t miss any of the gems. As some of them have said, this is just to show that they care!

The emotions I go through when I see each forwarded joke is indescribable and extremely moving. In fact nowadays I am mostly in tears to see so many of my relatives, friends, colleagues toiling day in and day out to let me know that I am loved and remembered every day. Who would have known how email and Internet has actually brought people closer to each other.

Maybe it takes poison to kill poison.

Update: For those of you are wondering whether I meant you … no, I didn’t. I meant the others. 😄

Yeah, and a J to you too! Moved blog to