Wordpress XML-RPC bug and Upgrade patch

A Serious XML-RPC bug has been discovered in PHP XML-RPC applications. Upgrade your PEAR library. Wordpress has come out with a new version fixing the problem. Unfortunately, they still don’t provide an easy way to upgrade. Here is the patch file to upgrade your Wordpress installation

How to upgrade Wordpress in one step

  1. Download the patch file somewhere in your server.
  2. Change your current directory to your wordpress installation.
  3. Verify that your installation will get patched cleanly: patch -p1 --dry-run < /path/to/patchfile
  4. If no error reported in last step, finally patch the file: patch -p1 < /path/to/patchfile

Yeah, I know. That seems to be more than one step. But technically, step 4 is the only one touching your wordpress installation. ;)

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