Biting the “broadband” bullet again – Tata Broadband in Delhi

After my terrible experience with Sify broadband early this year, I decided to stick to dialup – Reliance rconnect over FWP actually. But the idea of keeping a phone busy all day doesn’t appeal to me much even if the plan I have (Platinum) doesn’t have download caps or per minute call charges.

So today I decided to bite the “broadband” bullet once again, and registered for a Tata Broadband connection. I have already voiced my dissatisfaction over its rental plans, but relented after finding out that it has the best to offer in my area (even MTNL plans are pathetic).

Lets us see how my experience goes this time. The Tata Broadband DSA was very sincere, helpful and forthcoming, and if things goes well I would really recommend my neighborhood folks to contact this man. Unlike VSNL’s official line of installing within a week, he has asked me to be realistic and wait for at max 10-11 days. I found this kind of candour unusual for a sales guy, and am hoping that I am not disappointed with the experience for other reasons. Unlike Sify which uses totally unprofessional and uncouth last mile franchisees, VSNL provides end-to-end installation and service on its own. I find this assuring, to say the least.

Update: June 23 2005: It has been almost two weeks since I paid up, but no connection yet. Seems my naive enthusiasm was misplaced. I had called up customer care about a week back, and the agent had promised somebody would get back to me in 24 hours. OF course they didn’t. Contacted the DSA today. He apologized for the delay, and mentioned some vague excuses like “…some port problem …” etc. He promised that the installation would happen in a week. Lets see. I am not holding my breath. They are all the same … (sigh). I cannot but help comparing with the new MTNL phone connection that I had got. I had applied for a new connection on last Thursday, the phone was installed at my residence in 24 hours,and activated within 48 hours, the delay only because some really extensive cable relaying work happening in my locality. Now if only MTNL had some decent broadband plans … (sigh again).

Update: June 26 2005. Got a call from some rep from VSNL yesterday. The lady had called up to inform that my connection will be done in a week. One *em>more week! (sigh)

Update: July 5 2005. Eep. Forgot to update this post in time. I finally got the connection installed on 29th of June. So it took 18 days from paying money to getting the thing installed. It sucks, but the connection is making me happy.🙂 64kbps is not as bad as I thought for my needs. The router given to me sucks though – some cheap Chinese brand. Thankfully supports customized NAT rules so that I can have bittorrent and other apps working inside the LAN. However, from time to time it locks up (about once a day), and has to go through a power cycle before it is ok again. The connection has relatively been stable, and ping times are about 350ms to my server, which is nice compared to what I have been going through the last few months. Overall a strong recommendation.

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  1. My best wishes are with you.. actually i am also playing the waiting game for finding a good broadband service in and around East delhi. well the choices were/are…

    1)Airtel its has a plan of 256Kbps at Rs799 but Airtel is not operational here…also the liability of a new landline phone!

    2)TATA ofcourse but its plan seemed to be expensive to me..64Kbps at Rs800

    3)MTNL broadband puts a cap on monthly download so it’s not that great an offer!

    4) the other were Hotwire/Sify but after going thru the forum at it seems i’ll be waiting for airtel(they say one month) or TATA reduces its tarrif.

    currently i’m using the Rs770(Rs700 +@10 ST) mtnl unlimited Dial-up connection…
    i’ve noticed some new white boxes MTNL is putting,wonder when they’ll do it at my place!
    i’m happy with it except for two things..
    once in 15 days some carbon develops on the various joints on the wire,so i get to hear the disturbance…second i am still unable to find an internal modem recognised by am still always switching OSes!

    so still waiting and looking forward to your success story with TATA.


  2. Well i found a second hand external modem🙂
    D-Link DFM-560ES. its plug-n-play on linux. so things starting to get better for me.

    also one suggestion for speeding the installation ,write a mail,snail-mail if possible, to the management of tata-broadband, really hitting hard at the DSA’s
    This might make them speed-up the installation at your place.

    i had a similar prob with TATA-INDICOM. we had problem with the bills and stuff. my dad just wrote one mail(snail-mail) to these TATA-INDICOM people, next time onwards, some person used to come to our home to collect the bill. and things went fine…
    so maybe its these middle men causing trouble.

    i also had decided for the TATA broadband.. went to inquire about installation..they said they ain’t capable of coming to my place..unable to cross a road!

    so i am surfing thru mtnl-dialup.

    with best wishes..


  3. I had a tough time (almost 6 months) before managing to get a broadband connection .. in the end opted for TATA – VSNL broadband .. (they dropped their rates drastically recently .. waived off all security charges and halved installation) in the end i am paying rupees 825 for 512 kbps with a download limit of 1024 MB (:-( yeah thats the sad bit .. i would be charged rupees 1.5/meg after that ) opted out of the router or static IP or addiotnal email addresses .. but the speed is amazing .. compared it to ADSL lines in the US and the UK came to be the same speeds ..

    how i got the connection is a story in itself. I chased everybody in VSNL and the local office .. me thinks the problem is the sudden drop in charges ( i only paid 531 initiall as installation !) has leeft VSNL with too many orders .. they use local cablewallahs to lay lines .. most of them don’t know have to handle fiber cables or worse multiple pair cables (the line that comes into the house is a 5 pair line out which only 1 pair is used!)..

    all in all still a better deal and service than Airtel (Bharti .. or maybe i am jinxed with all their products/services!) i took up their connection .. they retruned my cheque after 12 weeks saying it wasnt feasible !

  4. Airtel is best,

    I dont know sify, but I warn anyone who going for Tata Broadband service( now VSNL).

    I applied for broadband connection 2 months back, paid money for router static IP address Rs-1650 . from then there are no one to call me. I had around 10 compliants registered on their 121 call center. And the call center guys always promise 2 days 100% quarantee of service. later it become with in 24 hours you will see progress, everytime i dial 121 a new person lifts the phone and give the same answer. I sent a mail to cancelation of my connection and get my money back, again no reply from them.

    Finaly we played a trick, called Tata broadband service from a new phone and asked for new broadband connection, and they promised with in 24 hours their person will meet us, And strangly they come to our home with in 2 hours. and we banged them like anything, and they called to their head office from our home etc etc and finay I got connection.

    Also I warn you guys about the Tata indicom rates,

    And one of my friend who applied for Airtel broadband who stays next to my house applyed a week after I applyed for TataBroadband, and he got in a week,
    and his rates are also cheap.

    Tata Broadband rates,
    500MB download, permonth Rs-350 256Kb speed
    1000MB download permonth Rs-780 256Kb speed
    and unlimited 64kbs costs 800 rupees per month.

    where as Airtel costs are like this,
    128Kbs speed, unlimited and you get 500 rupees phone calls free, and a phone connection free, and permonth cost Rs 1000 only.
    his internet speed is also very good.

    so guys go for Airtel, dont get cheated with Tata Broadband.

  5. Hey pals actually i to have a tata broadband conctn with a router and static ip had no prob with tata service…i ordered for one within 48 hours got it all up running….and now the bill to aint a problem….guess why coz i stay in a vip locality… maybe u all could do one thing move down to some posh sucking vip area wwhere around u there would be cm and pms staying so u dont have to woryyy about anything…lol…jst kiding anyway tata do suck in customer service aarea i hate em for that

  6. Hello,

    I had Airtel connection at Gurgaon and that was superb. I had taken their special plan with 256 Kbps with a contention ratio of 1:2. So the speed was not the typical upto, it was almost dedicated around 180~190 kbps. The cap was of 4 GB and I was paying 1499 pm for this connection. The router did developed some problem, but was promptly replaced by AirTel.

    Recently I have shifted to Mumbai and staying at Phoenix towers (Lower Parel). Can any one suggest which one would be the best broadband service provider in this area.


  7. Hi, I have applied for a tata indicom connection in pune today. Like the guy above am being optimistic at this moment because the service was quite prompt.. The airtel call centre gave me some jargon lik ” we are not going to start the broadband connection for 6 months” and 2 hrs after i applied for the pre paid tata indicom i came to know they also have the service!anyways i am interested in knowing ..since the installation in pune too is beong done by the local cable waalah will the installation charge be a one time payment since we are not paying the company but the cable wallah.. if i have to change the broadband operator will i have to pay for the installation again! Please let me kno if anyone has had this problem

  8. I am completely sold over Airtel’s Broadband service. Used it for a year while I was in Delhi and I can vouch for their quality of service. Its one service that actually delivers exactly what they promise it will. Quite unlike the madness I’m experiencing ever since I moved to Mumbai…

  9. Hi everybody. I bought a Tata Indicom( or VSNL) pre-paid 64 kbps unlimited connection. Some of my friends got their download speeds at 40-50 kbps. But my download speeds do not cross 10 kbps. Is there something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance

  10. Hi Netizens, I’ve recently moved to Pune from Bhubaneswar, Orissa. After scouting for connectivity options here in Pune, I was faced with a gamut of choices. From cable-based ISPs like Hathway and Sify to Airtel, Tata Indicom and of course BSNL. Since Airtel boradband was not yet functional and Sify guys just didnt respond to my connection request, I settled for Tata Indicom’s broadband service. For the first few months things went just fine. After some initial installation woes, the connection was pretty stable and throughput on my 64Kbps line was pretty good. I even clocked 120+ kbps on my torrents. But for the last two months, things have gone terribly wrong. As such the power scenario in Pune is pretty bad. Add to that, my connection is rarely up. I’m almost never able to connect; I always get an error 678: The server didnt respond. And add to that, their customer service is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. Probably the worst in India, across any service industry. They have one customer care number and regardless of the time of the day you call, you always end up with wait times of >6 mins. Inspite of that I’ve called up and registered my complaint all of four times. They even make you wait to give you a complaint number. And inspite of that, nobody bothered to so much as call back and enquire; much less send a technician. I even emailed their customerservice and all I got was a polite response saying that my issue will be looked into. And its over two months I’ve been living with virtually no Internet at home. I have never been so frustrated before

  11. It is horrible to have experience in tataindicom. I am suffering since 22 mar 2006 since Airtel and others are also yet arrived in my place at kolkata. Anyway I shall discontinue with tataindicom but what will happen to my e-mail id that is a problem.

  12. Worst Broadband Connection we have ever seen in pune.
    I am disconnected since from 15 days and i launched 15 compliants to tata indicom customer center even called to about 10 times to pune office no reply to that. These peopels are used to such complaints might be tata indicom peopels dont want bussiness any more RELIANCE is really good oneee

  13. Guys I am goona Fuck Tata-IndiCom Soon — I will come back with my reviews on this TOPIC Soon — I have almost Lost 6 Lakhs coz of the Nasty behaviour Of tata-indicom

    See You Soon


  14. I applied for a BSNL landline, gave neighbour’s number, and was told that BSNL broadband was “feasible”, many times by the SDE of the local telephone exchange. After getting land line, was told broadband would take another day. 2 days later, was finally told, BSNL broadband was NOT feasible for my address.

    Airtel worked hard to give me a 256Kbps broadband connection in 3 days, unlimited plan for Rs. 900/month. Free Beetel 220BX ADSL2+ modem. Free installation. Free phone line for outgoing calls at Rs. 2 per minute STD (BSNL OneIndia plan of Re. 1/- per minute on my BSNL landline beats it, see above). And, ISD calling at Rs. 6-7 per minute with no Rs. 2000 deposit which BSNL needs.

    Only one fly in the Airtel soup. Even after telnetting into the ADSL modem, and setting port forwarding on port 500 and 4500, those ports seem to be blocked as per the ShieldsUp website, and all testing, so that my VPN client does not work, thus barring me from accessing my company’s intranet.

    I am able to access the VPN (using Sonic Wall) fine on the Airtel dialup which comes with the broadband, and only charges local calling (re.1 for every 3 minute pulse). But, I would like to be able to use VPN at 256kbps unlimited, instead of 56kbps dialup.

    Thanks to your posts, and others, I will stay away from Sify. Our local internet cafe owner is happy with their VSNL/TTIndicom service, and I going to try it. But, please tell me if any of you using TataIndicom broadband have had any issues with using VPN clients?



  15. Agreed…!!! The worst service….. (sorry I cannot use the word “service” as there is no service at all….)you can ever have.

    It’s a shame to TATA group to run this business…..!!!

    I have applied for a connection but never given except the modem…and now I have three months of bill to pay…!!!

    For the last three months I am chasing these guys to give me a broad band connection…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please dont take TATA Indicom connection even if they give you free of cost….

  16. TATA should shut their Business and should agree that they are not capable of doing this bussi.
    They are just making ppls fool, I don’t know why tata is so famous in India if they are not providing services we should stop using their brands, I have so many bad experiences with TATA.

    TATA Really Sucks.

  17. Can someone guide which is the best broadband connection at Dwarka . I am currently using Airtel in Punjabi Bagh however need to know if there are any better connections

  18. Hello friends!!

    I am using Tata Indicom since last one year. Just now i used my Tata-Walky phone for internet, and my views are that its service is very poor in the sence and they are charging very high.

    The speed is very slow and billing is very high.

    For 15 days i checked my unbilled usage that exceeded 2500/- which is more than else.

    I would like to say that its really unfair in country like India such type of services are running and burning pockets of innocent people, they get exploited once they use it are ROBBED by these services.

    Manjul Agrawal

  19. I am another frsutrated Tata Indicom broadband customer here. My broadbank link is down since one week. Sadly it is impossible to get through to their customer service number in Delhi 66500121. I have waited at least 15 min on several occasions to get through but to no avail. To add insult to injury, the number is chargable.

    On earlier occasion I had told one of their teleexecutives about the impossiblity of getting through and she informed me of inadequate staff , then she wanted me to furnish details for her because her computer was slow and she could not retrieve them quickly!! Am I to be burdened with their such problems? should I make some donation to them so they can serve me better?
    About making this number charge free, she did say she will put forward the suggestion, but same as customer service for anything else in India, it sounded even less than lip service!!

    I do not know how this engagement will go but true to the prevalent Tata culture these days, they are biting more than they can really chew. Custoemr service is being perceived just as recruiting some young graduates and receiving and routing calls.


  20. Hi friends I am Ausbon from Chennai and I am sorry to make this note.

    Please please please dont get in to the headache of getting a TATA INDICOM connection. I actually provides one of the worst customer services in INDIA. It has only 1 customer service centre operated by the VSNL at Hyderabad. If you have any problem with the internet connection you will have to call the customer service center and after waiting for 15 minutes or so the call will be disconnected automatically. Then you will have to carry out the same process once again. The worst part is after the customer care executive picking up the line and explaining all the details there will not be any solution for another 4 weeks.

    Please donot pay any amount in extra ie; they will tell you that if you pay for 4 or 2 months in advance they will waive off the initial charges. That will be the mistake for your life. You will feel sorry for this all the time.

    Say you paid for 4 months in advance and they waived off your installation charges but all of a sudden your internet connection will be deactivated and they will demand for more money to reactivate. If it gets deactivated you will have to run around make almost 100 calls go to the VSNL office but nothing else other than ending up to pay them the amount for not providing the service which they are supposed to provide for 4 months. during the coarse of this struggle you will lose a month and they will escalate the problem in a very cool manner saying that your 4 month period is over and you have to pay for the 5th month to get it activated.

    The beautiful thing is they will charge you in the name of PRO-RATA charges for an 128 or 256 KBPS unlimited download/upload connection.

  21. hi,
    i am from hyd. i just purchased a good high-end pc and i want to know abt the best plan for broadband in sainikpuri,hyderabad. i have no idea abt the tariff and stuff. i need urgent advice. please help.

  22. Dear Friends,

    My suggestions, Never ever in life go for TATA / VSNL BROADBAND CONNECTIONS as they are the worst services providers atleast in Delhi i dont know about other city.

    It took 15 days to install my connection, then most of the time its not working and calling up their customer care is a PAIN. You have to hold to speak to executive not less than 25 mints. that means everytime calling them up costs you atleast 20-25 Rs, they don’t even have Toll Free number.

    My sincere suggestion NOT to opt for atleast TATA VSNL BROADBAND

    Take Care…………

  23. good man that you received the connection in 18 days.

    After paying money on 2nd June, I havn’t still received the connection today. since last 10 days my request is on hight priority, but installation process is itself not getting over…..


  24. good man that you received the connection in 18 days.

    After paying money on 2nd June to Tata Indicom Bangalore, I havn’t still received the connection today. since last 10 days my request is on hight priority, but installation process is itself not getting over…..


  25. Yes, I do agree wholeheartedly that broadband services in Dwarka sucks. We initially had the MTNL broadband services which is no doubt good but our monthly phone bills were reaching a high amount of Rs. 3000 to 4000/-We requested disconnection of the same in March and we are still billed for the same till date, i.e. August 2006. That’s service from MTNL!!! We then decided to take the sify broadband connection as it seems to be the only broadband service in Dwarka Sector 22. However, their franchisee is the biggest cheat in town alongwith SIFY!!! Every night after 10 p.m. when unlimited is free, our line would always be ‘unplugged’ or ‘unable to connected’. When we complained to SIFY about this, as it was quite obvious that the franchisee was misusing our connection. The franchisee took revenge and on the pretense of setting the connection correct, he download some software whereby we started getting a warning saying that the MS software programs in our computer were not originals and the OS was not operable. SIFY is sheilding this franchisee as inspite of my getting the software programs reinstalled with original MS, they have not bothered to help us. SO I AM LOOKING FOR ANOTHER BROADBAND SERVICE OPERATING IN DWARKA SECTOR 22.

  26. Hi,

    Have any of you ever used TATA Broadband over Windows 2003 server???

    Here’s my story:
    I have to Machines with Windows 2003 server installed. one is running with Airtel Broadband and another is running(actully never ran) on TATA Broadband. The Latter server restarts every 15 minutes after enabling network on it!!
    and the other works fine!
    when I switch the cables and ofcourse the IP settings, The one connected with TATA Starts Restarting !

    Have any one faced such problem…?!

  27. Of the five days since I have had Internet connection, the TATA Indicom VSNL Broadband “always on”, Internet has been down for four days!

  28. Here is my experience with Tata Indicom who are saying that we are perfect in address verification and services.

    I had taken a Tata Indicom prepaid CDMA connection in Bangalore, India 4 months back (in June’2006).

    I have submitted all the required documents and felt that the services are so pathetic and there is no customer support for that company.

    Now, in Oct’2006 I have relocated to Pune, India and I visited a Tata Indicom showroom called Smartek in Chatushrungi temple road near Pune University circle where two useless young girls are managing the showroom.

    I requested them to transfer my connection from Bangalore to Pune. But, they told it is not possible and they asked me to take a new SIM card and get a new number.

    Then, I accepted for that and took a new SIM and number by paying once again the activity charges, etc. I submitted all the documents whatever they asked, at that time itself. They checked the documents and accepted. Then I felt very happy about Tata Indicom ( I felt probably they might have learned from their mistakes).

    But, the happiness is not there even for 1 week also. I am getting the SMS messages saying that your form is not complete and submit the documents.

    Then immediately I approached the same Smartec showroom (even though it is far for me). They told, 123 people from Tata indicom will send sms like that only to all the people and don’t worry because your services are not interrupted. They have not even enquired about my case.

    Then after 2 days, my outgoing service is cut and not working. Then immediately I approached the same show room. Then they told me that, may be some of the documents are missing (they don’t even have interest to find out which doc is missing because they already got the full money). Then, even though my wife is pregnant, along with our 2 yrs old kid, I sent my wife to that showroom to submit the docs ( as I have busy schedule in office).

    She went there and submitted the docs once gaian. That time also they does not know what is missing in the docs. My wife came back and then she got a call from same showroom people saying that “the photoID which we have submitted and the photo which we had given are not matching” (eventhough both are mine only and I had given letter from my company also which is a gaint in IT industry).

    Then we were shocked as the photoID (Pan card copy) and the photo that we had given are same.

    OK, I called several times to that showroom from public booth and once in 100 trails, they used to lift the phone as if they are busy talking to customers.

    Then the next day, my incoming also cut and phone is of no use. But I paid 700 Rs for activation and 1 month validity. I need to do lot of communication with mypeople since these days and which is missing becoze of these Tata Indicom Stupids.

    Now it is almost 1 week, daily I am calling those stupid people and they will reply me that today it will be done sir, no problem, good day that.

    I am very much upset on the pathetic services they provide to customers. What I have to do?
    Tata Indicom should not trouble the genuine customers by saying that 100% verification we are doing.

    How many times, they will verify even for prepaid connection is it required to check in bangalore and pune separately, the same customer?

    They don’t have any online systems to check a consumer details?

    The customer is paying huge amounts for initial it not their responsibility to come and collect the documents if any thing they feel it is missing?

    Why the customer has to go around the Tata Indicom show rooms like to Govt offices in India even after paying the money?

    Pl help me and give me some good suggestions

  29. Hi,

    Regarding VPN on AIrtel broadband, i want to share my experience.
    All you need to do is Make dailer to ur Broadband connection and on the 220BX router you need to remove PPPoE. After that all the traffic will be bridged to your PC.

    You can talk to Airtel customer care and they can help you out to solve this as they helped me.


  30. Hello,

    Does anyone have any experience with BSNL leased lines? We need a connection for our company in Cochin, and ADSL does not seem to be reliable enough.


  31. hi ,
    i had the worst experience ever with any service provider in delhi. credit to tata indicom engineers and customer care. after two months of unable to give a stable connection they give up and tell me that our engineers are unable to resolve the issue and this is the best we can do for u… lol… thx to my 100% working mtnl connexion i had not much problems. but after 30 complaints and not even a single day of stable connexion tata indicom is sure to go places(dark & dingy one.. lol) now i am so fed up wid the name tata… that i have given up my tata mobile and even switching to sum other insurance for my two cars instead of tata aig…. now i opted for 949 rs. unlimited plan from mtnl… and thats is sure the best and cheapest in delhi..

  32. I am in Hyderabad. Hathway sucks! These guys are very sloppy. They are big cheats too. I had disconnected their service in September, 2006. They had, till this day, never replied to my several phone calls. Leave alone the security deposit, they hadn’t given adjusted amount they owe me. I WANT NO ONE ELSE TO SUFFER LIKE THIS. PLEASE DON’T SUBSCRIBE TO HATHWAY INTERNET. Their customer service is very bad. They had changed their customer service number and they never informed their customers. They don’t answer customers when they know their might be some problem. Hathway asks you to pay Rs.1000/- for the ‘FREE TO USE’ modem They never collect the modem. They are very slow(very bad) in responding to customers. I am not sure about other services but surely Hathway sucks and I want to see that they close their freaking business soon… SHAME ON HATHWAY… YOU REALLY SUCK!!! Any suggestions on good Internet, kindly reply…

  33. Hi,
    Does any body have any idea how to manipulate the NAT rules so that i can have the web based SSL VPN access to my companies intranet.I am able to login to the web based ssl vpn but cant ping my office machine and so cant RDP it.Any idea how to go about manipulating the NAT rules to as to have the VPN connectivity enabled…

  34. Hi! I’m from Chennai. Does anyone know a really, good, reliable, fast, inexpensive broadband service provider. All the blogs/info I read seems to rubbish all broadband service providers unilaterally….be they TATA INDICOM, Sify, Airtel or Bsnl or…..

    I had a bad experience with BSNL – endless waiting and calls for a connection before I finally cancelled my request out of sheer frustration.

  35. hi

    I am using a leased line from BSNL as well as broadband from him except when the local exchange power is out and their battery backup is down other times the service is up though at times terribly slow.

    i have been having serious trouble with TATA dial up at home with apromised speed of 115 kbps but hardly works more than 15 at any given point of time.

    some one was mentioning about rebooting every 15 minutes in the forum. check out for a virus which results in this problem. you may also find an uninstall program residing in your startup directory. I tried removing few times but it bounced back from some where. the best remedy was using the system restoring to an earlier date provided in the XP.

    The search for a simple truely value for money home user broad band in smaller town in india is way off. IS Dayanidhi Maran listening.

  36. I have some complaints against tata sky which is under the tata group,no one from their lower levels seem to know how to manage problems.I am currently looking for email id of some senior person in tata ,if you have got then pls send it to me by email




    What i have written to customer care, who does not even respond to the mails.

    We have taken broadband connection in the month of November.The marketing persion as like any other persion promissed to have uptime of 99%. But reality is not even 60% uptime we are receivning.

    For any thing CS says the they will REVERT BACK(not resolve) on the problem in 24 hrs(till then just shut your office and go on holiday). Even if after 24 hrs problem persist, they will say that is turn around time and people are still working on the problem. Ask them what is the problem. They will not have any clue about it.
    They do not having any efficient system.
    Every time they will tell, they will escalate the matter, Ask them what is the escalation matrix they have(They dont have any), and ask them to transfer the call to team lead/ manager they will never do that, some of there team member will come online and tell you he is TL.

    What i have written to them

    We have been facing lot of problem regarding frequent disconnection and server going down frequently. The total downtime exceeded for the first month is more than 200 hrs due to server down(details was provided by MR. Manish of TATAs ). And also more then 80 hrs because of person not visited to collect the money(as told by customer care).

    While asking for the waiver in the rentals they said they can provide waiver only for “NO LINK” problem. They can not provide the waiver for “SERVER DOWN” problem (I THINK THEY DO NOT OWN THE SERVERS).

    I further connected to the support team but every now and then there is a problem of disconnection, I connected the people who reported and promised the connection will work fine – Mr. Manis(9243100176) and also Mr. Siriram (66161709) . They said they have a limited/NO power back up on the server, If there is problem with the power, we will have to suffer with this disconnection (REALLY SHAMEFULL in this era of internet when every body will have alternate powersupply).

    I really wonder how they can provide any reliable service to the businesses.

    As this connection i am using for business purpose, and facing lot of problems, If services will remain like this I will have to look for some alternate to this.

    Thanks & Regards

  38. these all internet services are baddddddddddddddddddddddd, Don’t know when India will give nice speed. come on man these all connections sucks

  39. i am frustrated from indian Broadband…………… These all plans, sucks……

    I was getting 4 Mbps Speed Unlimited By My Local Area Network…..Ow man that’s a net connection…… You will be fly when u will get 4 mbps unlimited………. But from last month they are taking Sify’s Bandwidth. Ow man this is like they cuted my wings………. They are ass holes…………….

    Can somebody tell me what to do ?

    my mail :

    tell me can i put a case on them or what to do…… Atleast in India all companied have to Give 512 or 1 mpbs speed unlimitied ate Resaonable rates…… All Sucks All Sucks……………

    sorry if my words hurt someone🙂

  40. well friends i have been using tata indicom broadband for last 2 yrs and it has been a very good experince.
    lately i have found out a way to increase the speed to 1Mbps in any 64/128/256 unlimited plans.
    I f u can’t BELIEVE IT u can mail me at n get the details from me n this will chnage ur life on the internet forever.For this I charge a nominal fee of Rs 500 for a lifetime.As I put up in Delhi I can meet them personally too for the rest of u folks we can do everything online.

  41. Quick Summary of my experience with TATA Indicom broadband @ Chennai.

    TATA Indicom broadband (VSNL) guys lost track of money they took from me.
    Kept blaming about non-payment and started to de-activate my connection without prior notice.
    Remember I am a customer who had been using TATA Indicom broadband for a year now.
    Activated the connection Feb 15th 2007

    If this is how they treat their customer who had been using it for a year, forget those new comers. Will be treated next to piece of SHIT.

    They have damn good technology in place and BUNCH of IDIOTS to maintain their backoffice operations.

    Another way they cheat customers is by not giving the downtime credit for usage.
    Its like sarkari office… Working or not you still need to pay the full rent.

    Now read my communication to TATA Indicom broadband and their response.
    -agni sharman

    Here is the copy of my communication with TATA Indicom Broadband @

    -Sharman (agni)
    Sharman’s Cab Company

  42. Dear Tata Indicom. Customer care.
    Thanks for your Email.
    My log in –
    password – reset123
    you can see my history and complaints all. While i taken line on that time first 14 days continuously no connection. and also i made several complaints regards my unlimited line. if we calculate it will come more than one month you have to give me compensation.Whatever i contacted through phone every call i registered tapes for evidence.You can not refuse.Purely i am not satisfied with your service.Even now every 3 minitues one time disconnecting the server line – then i have to go to restart and work. So, per day more than 300 times disconnecting the line. This is the tata indicom broadband service.Every facts you can not refuse.I spent only telephonoc charge to make complaints till now more than 1000 [one thousand rs ]. So, i can you want to earn the money from the peoples thats the aim for tata indicom broadband communocation aim.While your peoples to give the line they refused to give shifting line from RAJA ANNAMALAI PURAM to THIRUVANMIYUR. Because they need to earn the money.One more thing again while i requested to take prepaid – your peoples told and accepted for prepaid service and they filled the paper post paid service. It means what is the meaning that. Again while i refused post paid services your top level peoples putting question me in different way.
    Now i want to know whether i can get compensation or not. If yes i can get means how money days compensation you accept.
    So, till now because of your worst service i got loss morethan one lakh Rs. This is the biggest loss in my life.
    I paid 6 months advance my money for services. But if i make payment one Rs less TATA INDI COM WILL accept it?
    I am waiting for your Email.
    Thanks Sankaran Chennai

  43. I am fed up by buying USB EC325 modem from Relience,every time I call they just make fool,I m putting this matter in consumer court

  44. Hi,

    My experience with Tata Indicom Bangalore is very terrible. I request to terminate the connection immediately after installation 3monts back. Still they haven’t terminated and asking me to pay the bill ( though I haven’t use the connection for a single day itself.
    Can anyone help me to sort of this issue with these unprofessional people.
    Thanks and Regards

  45. hii
    I am shazzadul islam mobile no.09910479772 ,new Delhi,got your wimax broadband connection on 30 th november,after 2 or 3 days from the installing time i am getting several disturbances such as

    1.I have applied for 384 kbps unlimited connection and I am having a receipt showing 384 kbps,But later i had learnt that the connection is of 256 kbps.Thogh i dont need 256 kbps i want only 384 kbps

    2.A lot of web pages are not opening including ur tataindicom log in page and for that i am not able to transfer my bill of 870 rs to tataindicom account.Though ur people from 3rd party came to rectify this problem they are not able to rectify it..and they have admitted it ..and m getting this problem cintunuously

    3.Then i have visited your tata indicom delhi office(G.K-1) there i met mr. nitin(ph no.-66082756)he tld that he will send some1 within 24 hours.that day was 11/12/08 and today is 15/12/08 bt not a single man came over here .But everyday i used 2 receive call 4m customer care that the people will arrive n arrive but still no one came over here..



    COMPLAINT NO.-7991040


    NEW DELHI -110065
    MOB NO.09910479772

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