Using svnreplicate

Here is an article that I have just written on using svnreplicate to replicate subversion repositories. svnreplicate allows you to have a single master repository, and multiple slave repositories.

The document uses a walkthrough approach to explain how to configure svnreplicate. I must warn though that it only demonstrates the concept using master and slave repositories present in the same system(reachable using file:/// URLs).

While I am sure that this should work over multiple hosts too, Yashpal Nagar, a friend of mine, is trying to get it to work over multiple hosts with svnserve. I will add that to the document when he succeeds.

Markdown source of the article.

My repository containing the latest version of the article:

Yes, I do understand the possible irony of using a bazaar repo to keep a subversion doc, but I don’t see any problems myself. I have been using subversion for over an year now for all my projects, and I find it quite simple to use for my needs.

Ofcourse, I like bazaar(and arch’s) distributed features, dumb read-only repo mirrors, etc., and therefore use it for needs which are not met by subversion. Over time though, I hope to migrate completely to bazaar, ofcourse, depending on when I manage to understand fully how it works. ;)

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