Reformatted Bazaar docs

I have been converting the present Bazaar documentation to texinfo. At present I have converted two documents - Building Baz and Following Tux.

The source is available at my Bazaar repository at . Under

Generated PDF and HTML files are as follows:

  1. Building Baz: HTML PDF
  2. Following Tux: HTML PDF
  3. Bazaar howto: HTML PDF


  • June 8, 7:30 IST: I have converted all the present Bazaar docs. However, I have made one major change - I have kept FollowingTux as an independent document, and merged all the rest into a single document - the Bazaar Howto. My understanding was that it would make more sense for people to read mini-howtos bundled together. The source files for the articles are themselves separate, and it is much easier now to edit and create new ones like them.
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