My Linux CD Copy Policy

From today, I have decided that anybody who wants a copy of any Linux distros from me, has to buy them from me. In other words, I am withdrawing the option of giving me blank CDs in exchange for copies that I burn using my CDs.

The cost per CD is Rs. 20. So an FC3 copy (4 CDs) will cost Rs. 80. I am also offering an FC3 update CD with updates that I have downloaded from four major FC3 repositories. This update CD will cost Rs. 20 more (I am not into bundling freebies :-P ).

I have decided to withdraw the option of exchanging CDs because from time to time, I come across people who offer me really pathetic unbranded CDs in exchange. I have also received CDs which are unusable.

I buy branded Moser Baer CDs in sealed cans, and only trust those. I am sorry, but I dont trust the CDs given to me in exchange. And no, I cant write on CDs that you give me. I have had the situation where one of the CDs that I was given was found to be unusable while writing (Couldn’t handle the speed that it advertised. I will always write at 40x if the CD says it can handle it.). In any case, I hate to have people waiting in the house waiting for me to finish writing their CDs. I prefer to write them leisurely, at my convenience without somebody breathing down my back. So if you want CDs, call me/email me. I will mail you back when I am done, and you can come pick them up in one trip.

As always, this being a volunteer service, there are NO GUARANTEES! Don’t come running back demanding damages or replacement because a copy I gave you burnt down your house. I do some checks on my part to see that each of the CDs that I give you, work. I use a good CD writer (Sony). I use good CDs. That is it. That is all I have to offer.

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