Serious and Funny coffee making tips

I am starting off a new category of blogs called Pop Cuisine. I call it that ‘coz I am no elite food critic, but I enjoy food good enough to talk and gush about it. My comments on food, or my views on how food should be, is solely based on taste - my taste. So if I find something good (or good enough), and you don’t … too bad. This is my blog. ;) Go rant somewhere else.

Over the past few years, with the explosion of coffee bars in Delhi, I have risen above the depths of the pathetic Nescafe home-made and vending machines. In a case of acquired taste, now I screw up my nose if somebody shoves such a cup under it. Being a non-smoking teetotaller, coffee is the only vice I could take refuge in. And that explains why me and my brother drive ten kilometers (one way) every other day to get our shot of “good” coffee.

One day, in a fit of madness, I ended up buying a small two-cup steel coffee filter from a Tamil Nadu emporium. I then proceeded to continue this madness by buying a bagful of grounded Arabica from Cafe Coffee day .

Ok ,now comes the funny part. Now I have the equipment, but zero experience. 😄 I have never prepared filter coffee before. So like any self-respecting geek, I did the best thing - I tried to Google for it.

And my search brought me to this really funny and at the same time serious article on good coffee making. I was laughing all through this article.

My search continues … ;)

Some interesting links

I found this great article at Wikipedia about Indian filter coffee -

A great coffee FAQ. A nice excerpt:

Never turn down an offer to drink some filter coffee in a South Indian restaurant, even if it happens to be a “cutting” - a shared cup - with a friend. Filter coffee is almost as strong as an Italian espresso drink, but made with far less threat to life and limb.

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